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Our principal objective is to ensure our clients can achieve strong performance from their investment funds,drawing on the experience we have gained by trading in the Nigerian equities market

Corporate Finance

We provide a broad range of transaction advice and execution services. Our services are customized to address client's financial and strategic issues

Share Portfolio Management

Shelong Investment Limited provides financial planning ,estate planning and investment management services.The firm stands apart by building and maintaining solid partnerships with clients

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Our Values

Our mission is to utilize the best of skills available in our industry, so as to maximize value additions to all our Stakeholders
Our vision is to be a first class provider of competitive financial services
At Shelong Investment Limited, We value
Timely execution and settlement of orders, anchored on integrity, professionalism and commitment, thereby enhancing our clients financial powers through the capital market, and equally enlarging our clients' investment horizons.
>> Adequately capitalized
>> E-transact
>> Strong understanding of the dynamics of the Capital Market
>> Higly qualified personnel